Portable Cabins and Other Structures for Your Expansion Needs

Church construction

When you are looking for a space to rent or buy for a specific purpose, it can be difficult to find something that meets all of the desired qualifications. Finding a place that has the right capacity for the number of people that you are planning on accommodating is one matter, but finding that perfectly sized space in the right location can be the tricky part.

What many people are coming to find is that when you begin to run out of room, it can often be easier to find a way to build on to an existing space rather than relocate entirely, especially if you are already well adjusted to the original space for its set purpose. Whether you are looking to modify or expand a school, church, business, or personal space, your answer just might lie in the industry of portable buildings.

Portable cabins, offices, and extra rooms

If you are running low on space, you are likely going to be faced with a pretty major project, regardless of what you decide to do. Moving the entire business, school, organization, or to a new home would entail a whole lot of searching and eventually a lot of hauling things from place to place as you prepare to settle in to a new environment. Altering the existing structure to build on top of it could pose its own obstacles. But bringing in a portable room or extra space could be just what you’re looking for.

Portable cabins, rooms, and other structures can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of a home built from the ground up on site, and as the assembly of the structure is in a confined, controlled area, there is about 35% to 40% less waste used when compared with structures built on site. Structures such as portable cabins can also avoid weather delays, allowing workers to finish construction up to 40% more quickly.

Portable rooms for schools and churches

As far as classrooms go, these types of portable structures are often ideal for the desired purposes. About 35% of these new classrooms were used because of the speedy delivery time, as they are needed as soon as possible in order to help further important education of our youth. Another 26% of schools that used these classrooms did so as a result of shifting enrollments, and about 25% were because of the relatively low costs to obtain them.

When it comes to churches, it can be quite common to see the attendance and membership of a church grow, when they are involved in the right ways in the community. People seek fellowship at churches, and when a church has a good staff that can relate well to the people who make their way through those church doors, that church will flourish. This means that there needs to be enough space for the growing masses, and as physical structures make up the second largest area of financial spending for churches, obtaining the right space can become an obstacle to overcome. With cleaning, maintenance, electricity, phone and Internet services, and other such utilities that come with a building, the costs can add up to between 30% and 40% of the budget. Adding a portable room or structure, rather than moving to a different church or building a completely brand new one, can provide the necessary space without all of the hassle.

Whether you are exploring your options for portable cabins, or you want to add on to a church or school, it is important to remember that there are still permits and zoning rules that must be adhered to. Exploring these elements as you work toward installing that perfect addition will help the entire project go much more smoothly.

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