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If you are a business owner, you would know that for any business, ensuring airtight safety and security at your business premises is a paramount requirement if you want any kind of peace of mind. Commercial establishments need the very best of safety and security systems as there is not just a lot of important information, products and electronics at stake, but also the lives and good health of hundreds who work in these establishments. Among the many different possible hazards that can happen on the premises of a business or a commercial public area, one of the most common is fire. Fires can happen any time, and being prepared is the key to being safe. For this reason, scoping out fire protection engineering companies can be a great way to ensure that your business environment remains safe and sound during a crisis.

The reality of fires causing damage in commercial establishments is, sadly, a very palpable one that needs to be taken seriously. For example, as per statistics, hotel and motel fires account for 15 deaths, 150 injuries and over $75 million in property damages approximately every year. Other facilities like medical establishments, warehouses and data centers can also face fire hazards, and the only way to curb this menace is to remain proactive from the planning phase and use the services of fire protection engineering companies to install high quality, modern commercial fire sprinkler systems. With these systems installed, you can have a modicum of peace of mind and rest easy knowing that even if fires start in your establishment, they would quite likely peter out without doing much damage.

Fire Sprinklers — What They Can Do For You

In the basic form, sprinklers are set up as perforated heads, which are connected to a pipe. There are multiple sprinkler heads in a system, placed a certain distance away from each other so that they cover the entire area. Sprinklers are usually of two kinds — wet and dry. Wet sprinklers take advantage of water and other fluids to successfully subdue a fire, while dry sprinklers use powdered chemicals to serve this purpose. On the event of a fire, the sprinkler system turns on, dousing the fire with a liquid or solid fire retardant until the hazard has been taken care of.

In controlled studies, it has been seen that when there is a fire large enough to activate a sprinkler system, they work effectively over 90% of the time. This impressive statistic is enough proof that installing fire sprinklers is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the fire safety rating if your commercial building is up to spec. In fact, when you take advantage of the services of fire protection engineering companies and install high performance sprinklers in your business premises, coupled with an advanced early fire warning system, you are likely to be able to decrease your overall chance of property damage, injury and loss of life by about 50%.

In short, having a commercial fire sprinkler system installed at your business location can be one of the most effective ways of being ready for a possible fire hazard, and to minimize its impact on your business and personnel. Scoping out reputed fire protection engineering companies, choosing the right one for your requirements and working hand in hand with these professionals from the ground up can ensure that you have all the tools in your arsenal that you need to really free your mind from the menace of accidental fires.

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