Signs of the Times Advertising, Locating Your Business or Organization Are Key

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Signage is important, whether you own a business, or run a non-profit organization organization or a school. Research has shown that more than one-third of people say they wouldn’t have known about a business without seeing its sign. There are a number of roles that signage plays for businesses and other organizations.

One of the main purposes of signs is to let people know you are there. Without business signage or other types of signage, customers or others who need to visit your location may have a hard time knowing where you are. You may not think signs are necessary on your building or at your location, but studies have shown they are as valuable as 24 full-page newspaper ads in letting people know about you. In addition, good signage helps to increase your sales, with studies showing that replacing a storefront sign with a larger one can increase your revenue by nearly 8% on average.

Another reason for signs is to advertise special events. For example, digital school signs can be used to let people know about sporting events, plays and musicals, parent teacher conferences and a number of other school events. Businesses can use digital signs or other types of signage to advertise special sales or exclusive customer events. They also can be used to advertise general inventory to give people an idea of what you have for sale.

So you might be wondering what kinds of signs are best to use. The choice comes down to a number of factors, including personal choice, cost and how often you want to change the sign. Digital school signs and other types of digital signs can be a good choice. These signs allow you to change the information displayed as often as you want. The drawback is that such signs are expensive. If you don’t have the budget for a digital sign, a marquee sign can be a good alternative. These signs allow you to change displays, but you have to do it by hand. Church marquee signs are very common, but businesses use them as well. Fixed wall or monument signs usually are used to let people know about your business, including helping to locate it. Offsite signage, such as billboards, can be used both to advertise your business and to help with location.

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