Spring Cleaning and Organization of Your Entire House

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It is officially spring cleaning time! The season of spring is the perfect time to go through your house and thoroughly clean and organize it. The weather is warmer and you can open all the windows in the house and get to work! Spring cleaning is not just a time for cleaning. In fact, organization and going through closets are an important part of the spring cleaning tradition. It is a time to complete the many household tasks that you have put off over the long winter season. This spring cleaning season, be sure to organize and clean the following areas of your house.

Basement storage

If you have a basement, there is a good chance that you use it for storage. You may even have boxes stored down there from when you first moved into the house. If you have not touched the boxes or items in many years, evaluate if you really need them. Over the years, you will have many more items that you want to store and you will need the space for them. Designate a couple of boxes for memorable items that you may not use, but do not want to give away. These items would be baby blankets, graduation caps and gowns, and wedding items. Try not to keep too many items, as they will simply just take up space.

Garage storage

The garage is another area of the house that tends to get filled with storage boxes, especially during the winter months. When you start a project and then put it off, it is likely that you throw it into the garage. The garage has many other purposes that could benefit you and your family more. You could park your vehicle in there, use it for crafting or tool skills, or even turn it into additional entertaining space. If you are wondering where to donate household items you come across in your garage, choose one of the local charity organizations in your city. Some will even offer donation pick up services for large items you find in your garage.


Closets become very packed and frustrating when you do not regularly go through them. The spring is the perfect time to go through all of the closets in your house, because you will be changing out attire for warmer weather clothing items. When you create a pile of clothing and outerwear items you no longer want, you may wonder where to donate household items. Consider charitable donations rather than throwing them away. Americans currently send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year. Many of these items could be re worn and could raise money for a charity.

Shoe racks

Do not forget to go through your shoe racks. You will be trading out your winter boots for flip flops and summer tennis shoes. Do you know where to donate household items, like winter shoes? Your clothing donation, including gently worn shoes should go to a local charity that is 501(c) (3). Smart givers only support groups granted tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The good thing about supporting these specific charities is that when you donate clothes and other household items, you can write them off on your annual taxes.

Spring is a time for refreshing. The weather is refreshing, thawing out the ice and snow. The gardens are being refreshed, growing new flowers and plants. You can also refresh the condition of your house. Go through your closets, garage, and basement and donate any items you no longer want or need. Do not throw away anything. Don’t know where to donate household items? Let the local charitable organization decide what they can and cannot use. You may be surprised at the many benefits your items can provide to those in need. In fact, almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, regardless of quality or condition. Donate these items and clean out your house, while also receiving a reduced tax liability with additional write offs.

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