Steel Cargo Containers Being Shipped Across the World

Steel shipping containers

Steel shipping containers have many uses in our world, from holding materials for businesses, to becoming people’s modern homes when they are looking for a cheap and efficient way to build a home. You can use a steel cargo container for just about anything: from portable concession stands, to a portable office, to an entire home that can withstand winds and keep your entire family safe. With proper maintenance and attention, a cargo container can be used for just about anything. Today we will share with you some of the best uses for these containers, facts you might not have known, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Containers

Did you know, with proper maintenance, a shipping container can last for a total of 20 years? Did you also know that many shipping containers are lost every year? You may ask, how can such a large steel container go missing right under your very nose? Shipping containers can very easily become lost at sea every year. In fact, about 675 will be lost this year. The number of active shipping containers stands at about 5 million. However, about 17 million containers will be in circulation over the span of an entire year. The amount of unused containers in existence right now, which stands at about 11 million, could be converted easily into homes for people. This could lead to better opportunities for the homeless or for those who just want to downgrade their home, or “live off the grid.”

Another one of the biggest benefits of shipping containers is what we save when we recycle them. For each recycled shipping container, you reuse about 3,500 kg worth of steel. You also save when you realize that all the traditional building materials, like wood, no longer have to be used and now energy and the environment can be helped on a whole new level. Shipping containers offer many benefits, as you can see, to the world – from homes, to stands at events, and so much more.

A steel cargo container has many benefits and uses. Consider a steel container for your next project.

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