The Common Safety Hazard That Puts Hotels, Apartments And Condos At Risk

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Commercial businesses have a responsibility to keep their workers and customers safe. What does this entail in the day-to-day? Locking the back doors to mitigate unwanted guests, hiring janitorial services to eliminate bacteria or just double-checking floors for spills that could cause an ungainly fall. All of these little efforts amount to a business that people want to return to time and time again. When a fire threatens your foundation? You have to do whatever it takes to get everyone to safety. Fire alarm repairs can check your fire alarm systems to make sure they can detect smoke in the air before it becomes a problem.

Every single business runs the risk of fire. We all depend on technology, after all, and this constant exposure to electricity and flammable items mean a fire can crop up at any time. A lack of maintenance have been found responsible for over 40% of the dry and wet chemical fires seen between 2006 and 2010. Just a little earlier between 2004 and 2006 electrical malfunction contributed to nearly 20% of non-confined fires in hospitals. A confined fire remains within a building, while a non-confined fire can spread beyond.

What else causes a fire? Small and major actions that all have the same consequence at the end of the day. There are four major property classes that are known for having the highest risk for high-rise fires, though they are by no means the only ones. Apartments, offices, hotels and facilities that care for the sick have been found to harbor half of all high-rise fires recorded in the United States. Poor ventilation, irregular disposal of flammable trash and a lack of awareness about equipment all contribute to fires that can cost millions of dollars in property damage…and worse.

Fire can deteriorate a building’s walls, destroy expensive equipment and potentially cause the foundation to collapse. Hotel and motel fires alone are responsible for a combined $76 million in property losses. Data centers also see a major risk in even small fires due to the expensive and fragile nature of the equipment. American-based small data centers see those below 2,500 square feet requiring an Early Warning Fire Detection (EWFD) as a result. Whether your property is in the high-risk class or not, we all stand to benefit from routine fire alarm repairs and reliable fire alarm design.

Injuries and deaths alike can be prevented with a good fire alarm system or annual fire alarm repairs. These are designed to buy people enough time to get to safety while the necessary resources are called in to keep a fire from getting worse. Hotel and motel fires not only cause millions of dollars in property damage, they also see over 150 injuries as well as 15 deaths caused annually. Fires in warehouse properties have declined over the years due to increasing awareness of the structural issues inherent in a closed building. Your workers and customers shouldn’t feel unsafe when visiting your condo or hotel. What can you do this year to give them peace-of-mind?

Fire alarm installation is a short process that will protect everyone under your building’s roof every single day. A fire alarm works by detecting a certain amount of smoke in the air and, when it reaches a certain amount, alerting a nearby fire service to get help as soon as possible. A fire alarm is not infallible, however, and can run out of power or fall out-of-date. Fire repair services can detect these problems and keep your equipment working properly no matter what. A fire doesn’t wait for the right time to strike, after all. Are you prepared?

Yearly fire alarm repairs could save lives. Call your fire protection services and see how you can keep people safer than ever.
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