The Pros of Choosing an Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Service for Your Business

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You have a successful business. You have your product displayed online and you are receiving orders. In fact, you are receiving so many orders per day that you have come to the time to make a decision. Should you continue fulfilling your orders in house, or should you begin outsourcing your orders to an Ecommerce order fulfillment company? This is a decision that many online businesses must make, and the pros and the cons needs to be evaluated before a final decision is made. There are many pros to choosing an Ecommerce fulfillment company for your business shipping needs.

Eighty percent of the online population has purchased something using the internet; 50% of the online population have purchased more than once. These numbers will only continue to increase. In fact, E-commerce sales will reach nearly $500 billion by the year of 2018. Many of these online businesses have moved to the Ecommerce order fulfillment company services. The number one reason for choosing to outsource fulfillment distribution is for ease of shipments. If you do your own order fulfillments, you will have to store the entire inventory in your home or a rental unit. You will have to locate the item, select it, box it, and label it. Then you will have to make a trip to the local postal service or UPS and pay for shipping. This can all be very time consuming. It can be almost impossible if you have hundreds of orders to ship daily.

Ecommerce order fulfillment services offers logistics solutions to this problem. An ecommerce order fulfillment company will store your entire inventory for you. They have employees who are working specifically to select and then ship items. They will have the items directly picked up from their location, saving time and money by skipping over the postal carrier delivery step. It is a much simpler and more convenient process, overall. This will also allow you to focus on other aspects of the business, such as product selection, customer satisfaction and marketing strategies.

Additionally, when orders are being shipping in bulk from an ecommerce order fulfillment center, deals can be made on shipping. This makes it possible to pass the savings onto the customer, often in the form of free shipping. When asked directly what aspects they would like for retailers to improve on, 58% of online shoppers chose free or discounted shipping. People are generally more willing to pay more for an item if the shipping is free or discounted. From a marketing logistics perspective, this is a great way to get additional people to try out your products. You can offer them free shipping, enticing them to try out your items.

Utilizing the services of an ecommerce order fulfillment company can provide many benefits to a company with a lot of orders. It can save time, money and space. Many of these savings can be passed onto the customer, ensuring more customer satisfaction. The higher customer satisfaction will result in more customers who spend more money, thus growing the business even more.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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