There’s Still a Time and a Place for Personalized Sympathy Cards

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There are some things that the internet just can’t do. Email, for example, has become such a rote part of our daily work lives that it can be difficult to convey anything truly meaningful through it. Some 70% of Americans still say that regular old snail mail is more personal than the internet.

When it comes to delicate situations, then — say, the death of a loved one — personalized sympathy cards are still the appropriate way to send your condolences if you can’t be there in person. Where an email can come off as trite or impersonal, personalized sympathy cards truly show that you’ve taken the time and effort to think about the person you’re sending it to.

Handwriting is fast becoming one of the world’s forgotten arts. But it’s also a fantastic way to step away from the computer screen. Many of us often forget just how cathartic it can be to communicate through pen and paper — not to mention just how much personality can show through in your penmanship when you write by hand.

It’s not just personalized sympathy cards that should get this special treatment, though. Welcome cards for new neighbors and reminder cards for upcoming events that are delivered by mail can be extremely effective. It makes a much bigger impression to open up your mailbox and find physical cards waiting for you then it is to check your email and see another 12 notifications you might not want to deal with at the moment.

Real mail has a strange psychological power over us, doesn’t it? Almost everyone — 98% of people — bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 72% like to do it as soon as possible. There’s still a peculiar joy that pops up when we know there’s something out there waiting for us.

That’s why the postal system will never really die. Always keep some mailing label stickers or reminder postcards on hand — because you never know when you might get the itch to write. Say hello to someone with a card. Chances are, they won’t forget to respond!

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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