Think You Know The Most Effective Form Of Advertising?

Custom aerial billboards

Advertising is the bridge between business and consumer. If there’s no easy pathway to your product or services, it only stands to reason your clients-to-be are going to be left floundering in dark waters! Because of this, businesses small and large are turning their gaze toward unconventional and striking marketing campaigns. If you’ve found digital advertisements and billboards just aren’t doing the trick, you may want to invest in aerial advertising costs. Aerial advertising solutions have been one of the most vivid and arresting forms of marketing around, catching thousands, even millions, of eyes every time they’re used. Not sure how they work? Never fear!

What Is Aerial Advertising?

Ever seen writing in the sky? How about airplane banners? Those are just a few of the useful tools aerial advertising can offer your corporation. The average aerial campaign can cost around $450 per hour in the sky, with some campaigns having a 20% response rate. A recent survey saw nearly 80% of respondents able to remember either the product or service being advertised by aerial banner. Another 67% retained at least half of the message from the aerial ad. When you consider just how stuffed the market is with competitive advertisements, that’s truly something special!

When Was Aerial Advertising Invented?

Believe it or not, this isn’t one of the more modern forms of advertising! Planes began trailing advertising banners as early as the 1920’s, considered back then to be one of the boldest methods of capturing attention around. By 2001 the Federal Aviation Administration had authorized a whopping 600 companies to conduct their own banner-towing operations.

How Does Sky Writing Work?

The sky truly is the limit! Sky writing is a complex and incredibly inventive way of getting eyes on your brand, one that takes supreme skill on behalf of the pilots to execute properly. In ideal weather conditions skywritten messages can be seen for a whopping 2,800 square miles — not even billboards see the same distance! The messages in skywriting are generally eight characters long and each letter will be about a mile tall. The year 1940 saw the Pepsi company scribbling as many as 2,200 skywritten messages over 48 states, Mexico, South America and Canada. Talk about getting the word out!

What About Banners?

Not interested in skywriting? There are always designer banners. Unlike skywriting, banners give you far more flexibility in choosing designs and logos to represent your brand. These can be trailed above social gatherings and popular events for maximum efficiency — densely packed beaches and town squares, like those in New Jersey, can draw as many as one million people in a single day. Banners are made with five-foot-high letters and planes will grab them mid-flight in order to move them around in the sky. This is done by using high poles that hold the rope the banner is attached to.

Why Invest In Aerial Advertising Cost?

The short answer? It works. The long answer? Advertising is the smartest way of spending your money — it ensures your business isn’t lost in the shuffle, puts your best foot forward next to competitors and snags the attention of customers old and new. Skywriting has been found to encourage strong memory comprehension in the majority of viewers and the majority of businesses that invest in airplane banners report being highly satisfied with the results they receive year after year. Although the aerial advertising cost is higher than conventional methods, the return on the investment more than pays for itself. With sky banners and skywriting, you can get your message out there and ensure you’re not forgotten!

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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