This Is the Season for Lots of Cleaning!

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As the majority of companies in the nation plan to shut down for an either three or four day weekend, the country’s cleaning janitorial services are getting ready to kick into high action. With a number of days without workers present, cleaning janitorial services take advantage of this time to complete major projects. From whole warehouse cleaning to cleaning and resurfacing all of the floors in one certain area of a large plant, commercial cleaning contractors are often the busiest when the rest of the nation’s work force is not.

A growing number of companies make sure that they outsource to cleaning services in oder to make sure that their facilities are well maintained and that their employees remain healthy. Without professional cleaning services, companies and warehouses can fall victim to unclean, and even dangerous, conditions. From construction cleaning services to janitor services that specialize in office buildings, it is essential to make sure that company owners are looking at for not only their facilities, but also their employees.
Construction Site Clean Up and Office Janitorial Services Are an Important Part of the Nation’s Economic and Physical Health
From the daily or weekly cleaning that goes on in many office spaces around the office to the once a year entire building cleaning that takes place over long holiday weekends, it is important to make sure that you are working with a reliable professional cleaning service. Consider some of these facts and figures about the professional cleaning industry and the impact that it plays on not only the health and safety of the nation, but the economy as well:

  • Influenza alone is responsible for 200 million days of diminished productivity and 75 million days of work absence, according to a National Health Interview Survey. Cleaning janitorial services can help eliminate these dangerous germs.
  • Cleaning up construction sites can cost as much as $950, or as little as $15, according to HomeAdvisor.
  • Emptying the trash and light cleaning, including dusting and vacuuming, in an extremely small office starts around $20 to $30 a visit. The cost then increases depending on office size, the number of restrooms, and the type and amount of cleaning requested.

As many Americans begin to enjoy a three or four day weekend, the professional cleaning industry is often working around the clock. Unfortunately, as many as 33% people go to work when they are sick. As a result, it is important that a professional cleaning company comes in and cleans on a daily basis, and makes sure that they take opportunity of long weekends to perform more thorough and deep cleaning services.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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