Three Advantages Of Using Electronic Signs

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Advertising a business is one of the biggest challenges that business owners and employees alike will face. Perhaps even more so than having a great product or service, advertising is what will make or break the success of most small businesses. If it’s done well, advertising will not only target the right customers and clients, but spread the word to those who might otherwise not have heard of the business in question. For that matter, it will reach out to those who are looking, and at the same time grab those who are just passing by. There are many forms of advertising — but for certain businesses, advertising online or on television is either a waste of time entirely, or not enough. These kinds of businesses are meant to grab passersby; they sell products or services that are needed in the moment rather than being well planned out, most often. For that matter, those that use this type of advertising aren’t always advertising a business — they could just as easily be advertising a school or church. In cases like these, electronic signs for business, schools, and churches may be exactly what is necessary. Electronic signs for business ensure that people just driving by are drawn in — and either stop in a spur of the moment idea, or remember and come by later. Below, we’ll look at the some of the top reasons why these types of signs are favored today.

1. LED Signs Work

Most often, electronic signs for business are LED signs or scrolling marquee signs. These signs obviously tend to stand out in a big way, and in that sense they tend to have higher levels of success than duller, more old-fashioned outdoor advertisements. It’s estimated that 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if not for a sign, but it’s not enough to simply put up a sign and expect people to see it. You need the right type of sign. Think, for example, of the Best Buy sign — it’s large, bright, and visible by night. It’s believed that 17% of Best Buy customers were drawn in by that sign, and that’s the type of sign that business owners — or those who run churches and schools and similar organizations — should look for. Electronic signs for business have the advantage of being easier to read than other types of signs, and for that matter many are sturdier and less susceptible to certain types of damage that affect more old-fashioned signs.

2. Electronic Signs Are Better Values Than Other Forms Of Marketing

Many assume that they need to spend as much money on marketing as possible, utilizing different types of advertising across the board. While this works for some businesses, for others it can be a major waste of money. For example, there’s really no point for entities that aren’t meant for profit, like churches and schools, to put themselves out there with television ads. While parents of potential students need to be informed about their child’s school, they’ll be more drawn in by a sign than a huge, informative ad. Many believe that if they do run for-profit businesses, they will benefit from running local newspaper ads. While newspaper ads aren’t complete wastes of time, you can get a better value out of a good sign. In fact, the value of an on-site sign is the same as the value of 24 newspaper ads. Therefore, it’s more effective to simply choose a sign.

3. Scrolling Signs Can Send Messages

Scrolling signs are, to many, preferable to other types of signs for a number of reasons. For churches and schools in particular, they can communicate messages that rely the details of upcoming events and important dates. Business owners might appreciate the way that they can detail sales and short-term promotions. These messages can be changed periodically, meaning that the sign itself can essentially change too. This only adds to an already great value.

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