Three Areas of the Law That Impact Your Daily Life

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How familiar are you with the different areas of law in the United States? Some areas of law are more popular than other areas of law. For this reason, they gain more attention from the public. For instance, some areas of law like civil rights, environmental law and criminal justice seem to be more newsworthy law subjects than others like mergers and acquisitions or commercial cases. Whether or not a segment of law is popular to the widespread public, they all are important and essential for keeping our country up and running.

Interested in learning more about the different areas of law? Keep reading to find out how important all areas of the law are from environmental law to mergers and acquisitions. In one way or another, you may realize how the law affects your own daily life.

1. Civil cases and criminal cases

When most people typically think of the law and a court room, they probably imagine either a civil case or criminal case. Civil cases can range from having to do with a divorce, to child custody battles, to personal injury cases. Criminal cases, on the other hand, have to do with a crime that took place from stealing, to murder, to assault.

Nowadays, it is not as common for federal civil cases to actually reach a trial. While around 11.5% of these cases made it all the way to a trial in 1965, today less than 1% will do the same when it is Federal court.

2. Environmental law

This segment of the law is one that is extremely relevant today. For that reason, the public is invested in what goes in politics and the government in relation to the environment. From preventing diseases, to keeping our air and water safe, to keeping food and water clean enough to drink, environmental law is handling a lot of important cases today.

When it comes to issues with industrial plants, environmental law handles issues surrounding the statistic that around 5,000 lives could be saved every year if air pollution was restricted. Due to toxic air pollutants from these plants, people suffer from all kinds of respiratory diseases and heart disease. On top of that, air is constantly being polluted making the air quality both indoors and outdoors questionable, and water shortages are bound to increase in the United States. In fact, 48 states in the United States are expected to see water shortages in the future in different counties throughout the states.

With so many pollutants in the air like sulfur oxides, radon, refrigerants and carbon emissions and questions about global warming and water shortages, it is no surprise that 40% of the American public is concerned with this segment of law. Environmental law will only continue to have more of an impact on the United States as global warming becomes even more relevant and newsworthy.

3. Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions is a segment of the law that handles the joining of one company with another. This usually includes dealing with the finances of merging two businesses together and handling the management of this union. In some cases, two companies may decide to merge together amicably. In other cases, one company may be in trouble and then is bought out by another company. In still other cases, one company may just buy out the other company.

There can be some issues handling the finances and the management when amicably joining or coming together because of a purchase. Not all companies happily join together because it can be difficult merging when the companies once operated separately. In some cases, this can involve letting go of some employees to merge better or due to financial changes. It can also mean adjustments for how processes and systems are handled throughout the company. Have a law firm present to help with merging, finances and management can make the process somewhat smoother for both companies involved.

Which area of the law interests you the most? Let us know in the comments about your interest in law and if you have any experiences with the law.

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