Three Costs of Slippery Floors in the Workplace


An important part of running a successful business is keeping workers safe. However, many workers find themselves injured, often due to unsafe working conditions. These injuries hurt the morale of a company and can result in expensive lawsuits. Business owners can be unaware of how beneficial a floor sweeper can be for their business. In this post, you will learn more about the hidden dangers of unclean floors in the workplace.

  • Fewer Employees Due to Injuries: Due to economic conditions, many workplaces work with a smaller amount of staff. No business owner wants to pay employees to work that have nothing to do. Therefore, labor percentages must always be watched within a business. However, if workers are continuing to become injured at work, you could find yourself severely shorted on staff. Research shows that falling related injuries are the cause of over 95 million absences in the workplace each year. A used floor sweeper keeps your floors clean and your workers clocked in.
  • Extremely High Risk of Lawsuits: Anytime an employee is hurt on the job, there is always the risk of a lawsuit. No business owner wants to see an employee get hurt at work. However, what is worse is the thought of a hurt employee on top of a swarm of personal injury lawyers at your workplace. Keeping floor cleans reduces workers falls. In turn, workers that aren’t getting injured have no reason to file a personal injury claim against your company. Research shows that injuries related to falling are responsible for a quarter of all yearly injury claims.
  • Potential to Lose Highly Trained Workers: A business owner might be thinking that falls happen more to newer employees. However, the data seems to tell another story. Recent research shows that nearly 70 percent of all warehouse injuries happened to well-trained staff. Accidents truly know no limits and can strike at any time. There is a way to keep your employees safe from falls while saving money. Companies offer used floor sweepers that will keep your facilities free from worker falls.
  • In closing, many workplace dangers can strike from unclean conditions. Workers hurt by unclean and slippery floors are more likely to miss work. The more workers that call into a business usually means the more work other employees have to do. Hurt employees can often become lawsuits that could cost a company everything.

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    Sarah Todd

    Sarah Todd

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