Three Reasons Why Your Kid’s School Needs a Marquee Sign

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Marquee signs for schools? At first, the notion of digital school signs might seem a bit strange to you. It will only seem strange, though, until you think about how important it is to have a sign that can be changed quickly by the administration and read easily by all of the parents and children.

The fact is, there are many reasons that marquee signs for school make complete sense, but to keep it brief, here are three.

1.) A school marquee, just like it would for a business, lets folks know where you are.

When you think about it in a business sense, you might consider a small, independent jeweler located in a crowded strip mall. If it weren’t for that outdoor LED sign, you might never find that upstart jeweler’s business. You might wonder why parents and kids who go to that school would need a sign to show them the way, but think about all of the other schools that come over for the basketball games and other activities. They need to see you school shining like a beacon.

2.) A principal needs to make announcements.

A standard sign with changeable letters, like a church marquee or a gas station price sign, is a pain to work. Changing the letters every time you need to change information is not an easy task. If you are a principal and you need to change the sign, all you have to do is go into the program of your sign and change the “toga party” back to a “taco party.” And by the way, you can change the settings so that only you have access to the changing of the letters and not some fifth grader looking to play a practical joke that is only funny to him and his fellow 11-year-olds.

3.) People really do look at marquee signs.

It has been reported that 37% of people look at an outdoor ad virtually every time they pass by one. In addition to this, poll respondents said they have noted a phone number or website address from an outdoor sign. This also goes for marquee signs for schools. If you need to change the phone number for the PTA president because she had to step down for one reason or another, it’s a quick fix from a keyboard in the main office.

So, knowing that most people will be reading the sign and even taking notes from it from time to time, maybe it isn’t such a question in your mind anymore about signs for schools. Your school is, in a real sense, just like a business. People need to be able to see where you are and you might as well look good while you’re open for classes.

Marquee signs are easy to change around and can be easily navigated by authorized personnel. It is also proven that people really do look at a good sign.

Marquee signs for schools just make good sense.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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