Top 3 Ways to Increase Worker Safety


Many jobs are dangerous, but injury or illness in the work place has decreased. In 1972 10.9 out of every 100 people had a workplace injury or illness. In 2011, that number had decreased to 3.4 out of every 100 people. That large drop is largely due to increased regulations and better equipment. Better rigging supplies and rigging equipment combined with OSHA fall protection training have increased worker safety on some of the most dangerous jobs. Here’s 3 ways to increase worker safety.

1. Plan, provide, train. OSHA recommends these three steps when preparing a new worksite. Since accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, the proper protections against them must be in place. Rigging equipment, including Dayton, Bulldog, Baron, and Crosby forged shackles, can arrest that fall without damage to the worker. Proper equipment, rigging certification, and fall protection courses help ensure that everyone goes home safely every day of work.

2. OSHA limits fall or arrest distance at 6 feet. The distance doesn’t have to be great to cause damage and OSHA works to protect all workers. To be in compliance and for the employees’ safety, everyone that is not working on a solid, level surface needs to wear safety gear. Many kinds of rigging hardware, including Dayton, Bulldog, Baron, and Crosby forged shackles, are available and should be used by those working at even small heights. Following this 6 feet rule means your company is meeting federal regulations and the employees remain healthy.

3. Testing fall systems is important. All the planning and all the providing will not work if the systems are not tested. When fall arrest systems are created, they must be tested with a 300 pound weight, according to OSHA. The testing of the systems is crucial. OSHA requires this step. It is important to see that the system worked if something goes wrong. And if the test of the system doesn’t work, it is important to fix it before it is attached to the workers.

Rigging systems, including Dayton, Bulldog, Baron, and Crosby forged shackles, combined with safety training is an important part of planning for jobs. These safety measures are not only required by federal law, but they help ensure everyone gets to go home each day. By providing proper equipment and training to employees, companies can reduce the number of workplace accidents and increase productivity. Safety planning, systems, and training are an important part of working in dangerous areas.

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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