Top Five Tips For Donating Clothes To Your Local Charity

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When’s the last time you donated to charity? Do you find yourself wondering how you can give back to your community every time you find yourself saddled with items or clothes you don’t want? Donations of clothing are a wonderful way of giving your life a boost as well as helping others. You can clean up landfills, help out people in need and even give your tax write-off something to look forward to. The best part? All it takes is a little thought and consideration when you dig through your drawers and look for clothes that don’t don’t suit you or don’t fit you anymore. Take these five tips with you next time you reach out to charity clothing donations.

Make Sure They’re Gently Used

Got clothe with burns, tears and holes in them? Try to donate them to a textile company instead. Clothes donations should be gently used so they can be put up for grabs as soon as possible, with a little wear and tear suitable for most places. You can donate all sorts of clothing, from jackets to shoes to sweaters, though some places might be actively looking for certain kinds over others. It never hurts to give them a call and double-check!

Factor In Your Lifestyle

Not sure if you’re ready to give up that favorite sweater or pair of jeans? These tips may help. If you live in a one to two season climate and you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in six months or more, it’s time to give it away to a charitable organization. If you notice a piece of clothing no longer fits and it may take more than five or six months to get to that state, it might also be time to let it go. These tips can help you make these tough decisions early so you can get to your Purple Heart charity pick up faster!

Always Keep Your Receipts

Remember to keep your receipts every time you donate. Why? Because you can put that donation toward your next tax write-off. The IRS always requires a qualified appraisal to be submitted with each tax return when you donate either a clothing or household item in used condition or better. It also depends if you deduct more than $500. For future reference, men’s overcoats and suits are worth around $60 as a tax write-off. A coffee maker can be worth up to $15, as well.

Keep Your Local Community In Mind

When it comes down to it, donating to charity just feels good. Nearly 43% of all charitable givers gave during the holidays, with the rest seeking out the rest of the year instead. Ongoing surveys have revealed that many like to donate to charity because it feels good and they want to help their community at large. Whether you’re looking to do a little spring cleaning or are thinking of economical ways to bolster your taxes, there’s something to help everyone out with donations of clothing.

Consider Donations Of Clothing This Year

When you ask, “What are the best charities to donate to?”, you’re asking how you can continue to make the world a better place. Donations to Purple Heart can be a great way of helping those in need in your community, while green charities are wonderful at re-purposing textiles back into the economy. Remember that the majority of charities offer free pick up services, giving you flexibility in a busy schedule filled with work and family obligations. Consider donating clothing to charity sometime this year. Your wallet and your neighbors will both thank you for it.

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