Treating Your Move as an Adventure Can Make it Less Stressful

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Even though a sizable percentage of Americans never leave the place where they were born, one in four have moved within the last five years. There are many reasons for moving: jobs, relationships, families and even the weather. Moving can be both exciting and stressful, and it’s best to begin planning early. Getting moving quotes and researching moving services can help you find the best movers. But you don’t need to do the hard work of packing and moving yourself. With white glove moving, you get the royal treatment.

Professional movers will pack, move and unpack your stuff, arranging your furniture as needed in the new location. Whether it’s your piano or heirloom quality china, they handle it as carefully as you would.

Why do people move?
People move for better jobs or opportunities, to be close to family, for relationships, even lower taxes and better weather. Even though almost 40% of Americans have never lived anywhere except the place where they were born, another 24% say that they have moved within the past five years. The most common reason for moving, as a survey by Pew Research found, was job or business opportunities, in 44% of the cases.
Being closer to family is another common reason for moving, and the majority of movers have as many as five extended family members living an hour away form their new location. About one fourth, or 26% have no family near their new location.
What is white glove moving?
Whatever the reason for the move, it is an exciting and stressful time. White glove moving services take a lot of the stress out of moving, by handling the most difficult tasks. They will provide packing material and boxes, pack and unpack your stuff, move it carefully and even store it if necessary. If your move is business related, your moving costs may be reimbursed by your new employer.
Among employers, 63% offer reimbursement for moving costs to transferees and 53% to new hires (53%). Many people may not be aware that if your move is work-related and you move fifty miles or more away from your original location, your moving costs can be claimed as a deduction when you file taxes. It’s a good idea to hold on to all receipts if you plan to claim moving costs as a tax deduction.

Do you have a moving checklist?
No matter how many times you’ve moved, it’s always helpful to review basic moving tips and think about how they apply to your current situation.

  • When it comes to choosing reliable movers, it’s a good idea to get an early start to be sure they will be able to add you to their schedule. Talking to them gives you a good idea of their approach to your move, how helpful and careful you can expect them to be, and even if they will be punctual. If you pick a white glove moving company, they will handle all aspects of packing and moving, leaving you free to concentrate on getting yourself and your family to your new home safely.
  • Remember to pack separately the stuff you’ll need on the journey, and for the first few days after you arrive. It will take you time to get unpacked and settled in, and you will need the basics for a functioning kitchen, as well as bathroom and bedroom basics.
  • Keep an eye on kids and pets who can be disoriented by the packing and by the move itself. Always have food, water, toys and blankets handy.
  • Remember to set up mail forwarding. Cancel your utilities, cable and wireless services at your old location and start the services at your new home.

Moving can be difficult but it takes a very small shift in attitude to see it as an adventure instead. White glove moving services can take all the hard work off your hands, leaving you free to focus on yourself and your family.

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