Two Most Widely Used Food Processing Machines


The manufacturing industry is made up of several companies dealing with different products. These products are made from various materials including plastic, wood, metal, fiber, cotton among others. Consequently, there is little pressure on production timelines. However, in the same industry, there are those that deal with food production. Not only are food produce sensitive in terms of perishability, but also handling. These products need to be processed as quickly to make them available to the market. Same as animal feeds. And although these ones make use of additives and preservatives to ensure they have longer shelf life, it’s vital to have good machines that ensure efficient production process.

Apart from a smooth production process, the safety of those operating the machine is also another important factor. Safety of the operators will depend on how well they understand these machines. Here are some widely used machines in animal food production.

If you are looking for a machine that is both superior and efficient, this would be it. That’s why they are widely used in the food industry in breaking down food pellets into fine particles. As with a roller mill, a crumbler operates essentially the same. It features two corrugated rolls located underneath the drier exit. If the machine develops even a slight malfunction, this could lead to undesirable pellet sizes and eventually destroy the end product. Crumblers should have top and bottom flanges for ample mounting and also feature optional screen access configurations.

While crumblers are good for producing pellets, tumbling process ensures that food products are fine and smooth. This process is also referred as barreling and it works on the same principle. Polishing aside, tumbling drums are manufactured for a variety of application. It could be used for mixing products that can be easily broken down such as a dry chemical. It’s could also be used apply a coating on products like snacks, granola, and cereals. When looking to buy a tumbling machine, you could also ask for additional features such as casters, speed switch, powered screw jack for even more functionality.

Different products will require different processing systems. But it’s also possible to find multiprocessing systems that can be used to process variety of products. Ensure the machine meets the required standards and requirements set by agencies such as USDA dairy, BIISC and GMA.

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Sarah Todd

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