Uploading to the Cloud Safety in an Increasingly Connected World

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It used to be that all of the information that we would need to look up would be found in encyclopedias and reference books in libraries. Phones hung on walls and had one function: communication. Pictures went from film to paper to photo albums on shelves. Important data could be found in documents in filing cabinets. Games were played on boards or outside with nothing but imaginations to progress the action.

And then times began to change, technology began to develop and quickly advance, and all of these things and more became condensed into machines that could basically do it all. But then there was only so much room in which each of these devices could store data, so the cloud was born and cloud brokerage services became a vital addition to the tech world.

What cloud brokerage services can do for your business

In the digital and tech savvy age that we live in, cloud communications and cloud consultants are quite crucial to the inner workings of a business. Most businesses will at some point be looking at integrating the cloud into everyday business, and many simply will not be able to keep up with competitors if they are not using the cloud. Cloud brokerage services can make the necessary connections to get your business’s cloud up and running.

The vital role of cloud services brokers

There has been research showing that about 35% of information technology services, or IT services, are delivered at least partially through use of the cloud. Projections for cloud equipment in the global market are looking like about $79.1 billion by the year 2018. And about 59% of enterprises that are involved in large scale business interactions and transactions make use of cloud storage and capabilities to easily share data between departments and applications, and to integrate operations and development. Cloud brokerage services are the ones in the middle getting things started, and saving valuable time and money in the process.

The development, evolution, and progression of cloud services
The services that a cloud broker provides can save businesses a bit of hassle as they determine which provider best suites the needs of the business. Negotiating the ins and outs of the contract between the provider and the business who is looking to be the customer, the cloud broker can guide the customer in the right direction of the services that it needs. The cloud broker’s main focus is the relationship between the provider and the customer. Often, the main focus of the business seeking cloud services is in finding reliable and most importantly, secure cloud services, and some even take to a hybrid system, using both public and private cloud services and systems, as about 48% of businesses currently do.

The whole idea behind using cloud services is the ability to increase accessibility and communications, as well as improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. But the main concern, particularly for those businesses dealing with sensitive information, personal data, or otherwise confidential information, is the security of all of that data. It should be easily accessible for the appropriate people within the company but not any random person off of the street. These cloud service brokers should be able to find and deliver the providers who can confidently stand behind a guarantee of safety. The science behind the cloud technology will continue to progress, evolve, and improve. But all anyone wants is to know that their data that enters the cloud remains safe.
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