What Are The Most Common Sources Of High-Rise Fires And How Can They Be Prevented?

Fire alarm inspections

It can be startling to accept that some of the most deadly hazards known to humanity are right under our own nose. Acknowledgement, however, is the first step on the road to a safe future. Fire alarm services are our barrier between a secure environment and a situation out of our control. Is your apartment complex, motel or warehouse safe? Even areas that are less likely to see a high-rise fire still need to take precautions to make sure customers and workers alike are kept out of harm’s way. With technology making it easier than ever to identify a potential fire and alert the right people, there’s no excuse not to reach out.

High Risk Locations

Does your place of business have a higher-than-average risk of succumbing to a fire? It’s important to be aware of high risk locations and the seemingly negligible details we all take for granted. The four property classes that add up to half of all high-rise fires are hotels, motels, apartments and facilities that look after the sick (such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes). Hotel and motel fires cause over 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. Although fires are damaging, even deadly, they can be easily avoided.

Common Fire Causes

It only takes one spark to cause a fire. A location that actively deals with electronics, heat sources and close spaces has even higher chances of creating a situation that can have disastrous consequences. Electrical malfunction has been found to account for nearly 20% of non-confined fires in hospital and clinic settings. Hotels and motels with poor ventilation and a lack of awareness about proper cigarette disposal can also see fires caused by careless behavior. Fires in warehouse properties, on the other hand, have declined noticeably over the past 30 years.

Simple Fire Prevention

Every little step you take to prevent a fire will go a long way in saving lives and keeping your property safe. Good ventilation will prevent smoke from building up, while proper disposal of trash will make it harder for a spark to spread (especially with highly flammable items like cloth and paper). There should always be signs available to encourage safe behavior on the behalf of workers, residents and customers. Fire alarm services need to be installed throughout the complex or building as well as maintained on a regular basis. This means getting a fire alarm inspection done at least once per year, if not more often.

Fire Evacuation Plan

When a fire is unable to be prevented a fire evacuation plan can make sure everyone exits the building in an orderly fashion. Fire protection services work constantly to help businesses large and small create an environment that’s reliable in a pinch, which includes an accessible step-by-step fire evacuation plan for people inside and outside the building. Remember this plan needs to be accessible to not just workers, but the elderly and those with disabilities. If you haven’t installed fire alarm systems or are overdue for a check-up, it’s time to give your local fire alarm inspection service a call.

Minimizing Fires And Maximizing Safety

From a carelessly discarded cigarette to a chemical system failure, a fire is always right around the corner. Fire alarm services, however, can rise up to the challenge. The Orlando Fire Department responded to nearly 50,000 calls back in 2013, though only 900 were fire-related. Fire safety is becoming more and more common knowledge for everyone nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we should become complacent. Fire protection services can look over your building plan, update your fire evacuation safety procedure and ensure your fire alarms are in working order.

Let’s make 2017 the year with the lowest amount of fire-related injuries and deaths. Look into upgrading or repairing your fire alarm services this week.

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