What You Should Know About Home Health Care Liability Insurance

Home health agency insurance

When you look around, it is quite evident that there is a growing need for home health care in the United States today. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to get older, there are more people in need of health care services in their homes. A lot of people, regardless of their age, prefer to recover in their homes if it can be managed.

This presents a need for new home health care businesses around the country. One of the difficulties that can arise from taking care of people in their homes is the risk that home health care workers take when they venture out, away from a medical facility. If you are starting or have a home health care business, you need to know about home health care liability insurance.

All businesses should have liability insurance, but home healthcare business insurance is especially important. Any health care business is among the riskiest businesses because there are a great number of claims involving health care every year. Because workers are sometimes without things they need in the field, responsibility can fall squarely on the home health care business, leaving it in ruin after an unexpected lawsuit. It is a sad but true fact of the society in which we live.

There are basically five different types of home health insurance that home health care businesses should be fully aware of and well versed in: General and Professional Liability Insurance, Non-owned Automobile Liability Insurance, Commercial Crime Coverage (Bonding), Content and Building Insurance, and Home Health Workers Compensation Insurance.

One of the reasons for home health care liability insurance might be to protect your employee from an accident that occurs while traveling to or from an appointment with a patient. Car accidents are number one when it comes to claims paid by home care agencies. Home care liability insurance can help protect you from the probability of fallout due to a worker’s car accident while on the job.

The Center for Disease Control has reported that there are six common occupational hazards that home health care workers face on the job every day. These occupational hazards are: violence, latex allergies, musculoskeletal disorders, driving-related injuries, sharps injuries, unsafe conditions, and unsanitary homes.

When you think about it, it is very easy to understand the need to protect your business with home health care liability insurance. Find the coverage you need today to keep yourself and your employees safe as your business goes about making the world a healthier place to continue living.

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