Where Does the Future of the Tech Business Lie?

Cnn business reporters

According to CNN world business today is more invested in technology than ever before. Many of the CNN business articles right on the front page of the CNN business news are pieces about technology. You’re less likely to find CNN small business articles than you are to find about new safety measures from Norton Antivirus, or spec details about the new iPad.

Some of the latest CNN business articles give readers an insight into the technology industry. With that information, it’s possible to make better decisions for business, because these CNN business articles indicate which direction technology will go next. The faster a business follows technology, the faster it can beat the competition.

A few of the latest CNN business articles note that while Google’s stocks increase, many are questioning the performance of other rival computer businesses. Recently, Google’s stock became worth $1,000 per share. Many believe that this jump was indicative of their recent update’s success. These updates strengthened the core of their search results, resulting in better, more relevant results for users.

At the same time, there are other CNN business articles that question if Microsoft can dethrone Apple. CNN reports that asset manager Cole Wilcox “thinks Microsoft could reemerge as the most valuable company in the world, dethroning Apple, over the next five years.” CNN business articles also report that Apple is worth nearly 40% more than Microsoft. In 2012, Apple’s market cap peaked at $660 billion, which totally eclipsed Microsoft’s previous record of almost $620 billion set in 199 during the height of the tech bubble.

As these CNN business articles indicate, Google continues its rise to the top, while many speculate whether Microsoft will ever beat out Apple again. If you have any questions about these CNN business articles, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd

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