Why Digital Signs for Schools and Businesses Attract Attention

Outdoor school signs

Unlike advertising, LED signs are viewed as information rather than persuasion. Widely used by businesses, schools and churches to inform passers-by of important events and happenings, they provoke interest rather than annoyance. Perhaps it’s their practical, non-intrusive nature, but for whatever reason, outdoor led signs like digital signs for schools attract attention and serve a number of purposes. They let people know you’re there, they share important information, and they attract walk-ins.

Signs help people to find you
Signs let people know you’re there. Digital signs for businesses, schools and churches aren’t viewed as advertising, but they work to attract attention and bring in people who are interested in finding out more about your event or services. Signs help people to find your business.
Even if they walk or drive by everyday on their daily commute, they may not have known that your business was in that location, without a sign. Signs are a great way to attract walk- ins, because for most brick-and-mortar businesses, as many as 85% of their customers live or work within five miles.

Signs improve revenues
Adding signs can improve revenues by as much as 7.7%. Even a large store like Best Buy attracts customers because of its signs, and 17% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers say that it was because they saw the sign that they decided to stop in the store.
In terms of publicity, an onsite sign has the same value as 24 full-page newspaper
ads each year. And of course, it costs much less. Digital signs have the added advantage of being able to change the messages and information as often as necessary.

Signs share information
Of course, it’s not just businesses that use signs to get the word out. Church marquee signs and digital signs for schools keep people informed of local events and happenings. A large number of people learn about events of interest, such as concerts, sporting or community events, street fairs or fundraisers, from billboards and signs.
Drivers are often a captive audience. One poll found that 58% of respondents first heard about a restaurant from a billboard seen while they were sitting in their cars. They were intrigued enough by the sign to later visit the restaurant. And as many as 26% of poll respondents said that they had written down a phone number or Web site address from an outdoor billboard.

Signs attract attention
Time spent in the car is also when people make important decisions. Some 68% of poll respondents report that they often or sometimes make their shopping decisions in the car. Almost one out of three, or 32% of poll respondents say that they have visited a retailer whose billboard they had seen earlier that week.
Scrolling marquee signs and digital signs for schools tell people what’s going on – events, celebrations, closings, and other important information. Because people expect to find significant information there, they don’t tune them out as they do advertising.
Signs for municipalities, and digital signs for schools let people know important information about upcoming events, weather closings and even the results of sporting events. Scrolling and digital signs can be customized for each location. Even if people drive or walk by that way every day, they come first expect fresh new information on the sign, and keep an eye out for it. It’s a great way to reach large numbers of people for a very small investment.

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