X Rays Are Ready For Their Close Ups

Pacs workstation

It is not uncommon for a physician to require an x ray in order to get a closer look and to diagnose an injury or an illness, but how much do we know about the actual x rays? While many people have had xrays, few know the science and technology behind them and most of us have probably never thought about the supporting cast in the xray production, the x ray accessories.

Xrays and xray accessories are important tools used in the field of radiology, which is the study of images of the human body. When a fast series of electrons reach a metal plate, the electrons stop suddenly and an xray is produced. In the past, the film based images from the xrays had to be transported and filed manually. Today, the images are digitally transmitted using specialized medical pcs know as PACS. Pacs monitors provide a fast and efficient way for medical personal to view the images.

There are various types of imaging used in radiology, and the Pacs computers work with several of the different imaging instruments which include ultrasounds, mamograms and computed tomography or CT scans. In addition to the imaging machines there are many xray accessories.

Commonly used xray accessories include illuminators, specialty viewers and radiation protection such as lead aprons. Lead aprons are often provided for patients to wear during an xray. For example, trips to the dentist often include an xray of the patients teeth. The lead aprons protect the patient from excessive and unnecessary radiation in the parts of the body that are not being examined.

Getting an xray is generally not the most pleasant experience, but maybe observing the process itself and the xray accessories involved can make it a little more interesting.
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